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We are very proud of the environment we have created and the service we provide. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

Spacious Barbershop

I've been using BossCut since they first opened last year and they're incredibly welcoming and have a great team. The shop itself has a good atmosphere and isn't pokey and small like your typical Men's barbers. The senior barber Mike really knows his stuff and loves a good chat. Keep doing what you're doing folks and no doubt see you again next month!

George Botley

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My son loves going to Bosscuts!

Amazing! My son loves going to Bosscut, it's a treat! Caroline makes him feel so happy and at ease and she does an amazing job with his hair! Very happy son and mummy x

Tracey Milner

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Refreshing barber experience

Bosscut is a refreshing barber experience for me. I had no idea of the service and treatment I’d receive and I was blown away: coffee, tea, soft drinks, comfy sofas and arcade games for the kids, as well as the impressive decoration and first rate staff. The hair cut was a full service including hair washing which made me feel like I was really well looked after. My son and I have had our hair cut by several barbers and all have been excellent. This gives peace of mind meaning it’s easy to book a convenient time slot for us rather than having to wait for a particular barber to be free and book a slot then. All in all a brilliant place and I’ll keep coming back because my hair keeps growing!

James Brewer

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With over 200 five star reviews since opening 8 months ago

The relaxed vibe comes from the happy staff and the super cool decor, and you can just tell it's a fun place to work!
Love what you guys are doing here, thank you for the top cuts!

Service excellence

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The relaxed vibe comes from the happy staff

My 11 year old son and I had haircuts this morning. We couldn't be happier with the cuts, but that alone doesn't do this place justice. The relaxed vibe comes from the happy staff and the super cool decor, and you can just tell it's a fun place to work!

Love what you guys are doing here, anything I can do to help promote you further, just let me know... and thank you for the top cuts!

Steve Maxwell

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Great experience

Great stylist in a great place to get your hair sorted. Having lived in the town for 8 years I’d always driven back to Bristol to get my hair cut until bosscut opened and Erfan did my hair. Great experience, great place to hang out and get your hair looking sharp!

Richard Craven

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This place is a real blessing for Portishead!

This place is a real blessing for Portishead! Somewhere to get a quality haircut, with a top-notch customer service (including a complimentary coffee while you wait), and, most importantly, no queues! The shop is split over several floors and there are Barbers and hairdressers galore, who each specialise in their own area. Our whole family have been - including the kids! They have iPads and computer games to keep the little ones entertained, which is a huge bonus. It's a quality family-run place, and you feel a genuine welcome when you arrive. Another bonus is that they are really mental health aware at BossCut, and run a regular support group as part of 'The Lions Barber Collective' (Google it!).

Leighton Gosai

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Gorgeous new Salon

A gorgeous new salon with amazing staff! A great experience, especially being able to book in for a Barber! And the game was a huge hit with my son, he will never complain about getting his hair cut again! A great addition to Portishead, we will be back!

Karren Hallum

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Ella was absolutely amazing

Ella was absolutely amazing, picked a perfect red/copper balayage for me. The whole team at boss cuts is super friendly and are more than happy to go the extra mile! Best salon I’ve been to before. Thank you Ella I absolutely love my new hair 💜

Holly Esson

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Jess made me feel very welcome

My partner came home very pleased with his hair cut from Mike the other day so I thought I would give this place a try! I had a ladies cut with Jess, wash, cut and blow dry and it was amazing! My hair was very very dry and in bad condition and I've walked away with smooth healthy hair! Jess made me feel very welcome, and gave me loads of tips to get my hair back into good condition 🙂 booked my next appointment already!

Naomi Turnock

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these guys are hands down my favourite

I've been to many barbers across Portishead and these guys are hands down my favourite. I struggle to identify (let alone explain!) what I want to do with my hair but my barber, Ethan, is now coming to me with suggestions and recommendations - something I really admire about him and this place. I continue to come back every month or two and look forward to whatever we next do to my hair knowing I'm in safe hands! The most personable hairdresser I've ever been to and hands down the best.

Joseph Nock

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Exceeded my Expectations

Honestly it exceeded my expectations. It's not your typical kinda barbers that's just simple and got the bare minimum. It has a nice atmosphere to it with comfortable seats and sofa's to chill in if your waiting. They even offer you a hot drink which could be your latte, cappuccino etc... I had a mocha which wasn't too bad tbh. Now about the haircut... I have Afro hair and i find it quite hard to find places that do Afro Cuts where you'll get them in areas around Bristol, so it was very convenient that they had someone who was skilled enough to cut my hair up to a good standard and who took his time to make sure it was the best to what i wanted it to be. Apologies for going on and on lol but as you can tell from all that I'll be going there again. Hope your experiences are the same as mine.
Thank you Bosscut for the Cut

James Kay

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Great Pattern

Had the best experience today, made me feel so comfortable and welcome seen as I was going for a massive change!! Highly recommend these guys. Will deffo be taking my children there for their cuts in the future 😊

Sarah Elizebeth Derrick

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Great Experience

Both my husband and son had their first haircuts at Bosscut today, and it was a great experience, with the emphasis on 'experience'. Amazing decor, light and open space, comfortable couches, great coffee, friendly people and of course we're also very happy with the actual hair cuts! Another big plus is that you are able to make an appointment!

Elloise Grobbelaar

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Highly recommended

I would highly recommend BossCut. A great cut done by Ethan. My Son Harry was very pleased.

Jennifer Bowcher

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Space Invader Hair Cut

So impressed with BossCut today. My 4 year old is terrified of getting his haircut and Caroline and Ethan worked wonders... Caroline even managed to cut hair while my little boy was playing Space Invaders!? No mean feat. When we got in the car he said “mummy I would go there again, they were nice!” Job done - thank you x

Anna Ross

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Great addition to Portishead

Super setup, very friendly environment, great addition to Portishead!👊🏼

Julian Warner

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Skin Fade

Would high reccomend BossCuts I have been to every babers and hair dressers in Portishead and the surrounding area and no one can do a skin fade properly or to how I like it but I went to BossCuts today for a skin fade by Ethan and they can do a proper good skin fade, exactly how I like it. Will definitely been going there again to get my hair cut, I have already book my next appointment with Ethan.

Sean Rowlands

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Friendly Environment

Recently took my sons here for their haircuts. It’s a friendly environment. The fact you can book appointments for me is a massive bonus! As sitting and waiting with two fidgety boys is a challenge at times. Highly recommend.

Gemma Louise

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Massive thank you

Just been in, the team have done a fantastic job with setting up the design and experience, and the cut was fab too. Massive thank you and I hope you do really well

Zoe Manning

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Wow Impressed!

Both my kids have had their hair cut here and WOW! so impressed! They both have had really great hair cuts and overall a really enjoyable experience. Great prices and I don't think anywhere else locally offers this type of barber/ hair dressing experience for their clients. This is exactly what Portishead needs!

Katie Davis

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Lovely, Friendly experience

Mike cut my son and daughters hair yesterday and was absolutely fantastic. He made both feel really special and made a great effort talking to them. Being able to book online for both son and daughter to have their hair cut makes life so much easier! Thank you everyone for such a lovely/friendly experience. We will definitely be returning.

Rosalyn Tharme

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Super cool place

Amazing.... Hi, thank you for such a fantastic experience, we all know that waiting at a barbers with your children can be a painful experience, especially if you have to wait a long time, but Bosscut is not only a super cool place to go as an adult but all the kids will love it too. There’s plenty of space, lots of cool games too., including tablets, chess and so much more it’s so child friendly 😀And wait for it a online booking system 🙏😀thanks guys we will definitely see you soon and will definitely spread the word 😊😊xxx``

Leonie Deane

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Love the booking system

Love the booking system.Friendly staff and nice atmosphere.Great haircut.Highly recommend.

Christina Faber

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lovely with kids,

Massive recommendation for Boss Barbers, family friendly atmosphere, lovely with kids, great haircut, and a lovely cup of tea while they were cutting 👍
They will also be super friendly with kids who might find it traumatic, go and see them - they will help!

Pippa Simes

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Knowledgable about hair

Really nice place. Good atmosphere and service. Ethan did my cut, was really nice and knowledgable about hair, also suggested a good style and length for me. Fully recommend, will definitely return 👍🏼

Jack Hebditch

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Superb Cut

superb cut from Mike. Great looking place!

Ben Blasdale

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Amazing Barbers!

Amazing barbers. Fantastic that we can pre book. My sons hair looked amazing. Will defo be back x

Sarah Eggleton

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Really Special

Mike cut my son and daughters hair yesterday and was absolutely fantastic. He made both feel really special and made a great effort talking to them.
Being able to book online for both son and daughter to have their hair cut makes life so much easier! Thank you everyone for such a lovely/friendly experience.
We will definitely be returning.

Rosalyn Tharme

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Good with Children

Thank you Ethan and family for a super warm welcome from the rain, a much needed cup of tea, a towel for a very bedraggled wet dog, a lovely chat... and a great hair cut 😀

Tanya Saker

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Amazing Place

An amazing place! This really is better than any other barbers I have been to, especially in Portishead. The owners were so welcoming and just brilliant with my little boy who doesn't like his hair being cut. There were drinks while we …

Ben Ross

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Amazing experience

Amazing experience for my sons first hair cut aged 11 months, very friendly!

Gabrielle Jefferies

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Stylist Interaction

Took our boys here yesterday and had a great experience from start to finish. There were interesting things to play with which stoped the boys from getting bored while waiting (tho they didn’t have to wait long as we booked in advance! Love this idea 👍).
Customer service and stylist interaction was brilliant and we felt welcomed from the start. So nice to see a new business thriving! We will be back as boys loved their haircuts including the hair wash! My eldest loved that bit - very professional 👍

Pam Sanford-Shiels

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What Portishead Needed

I'm so pleased to have discovered BossCut - it's exactly what Portishead needed. Great haircuts (walk-ins always welcome, with little to no wait!), a beautiful interior, coffee and drinks bar, games for the kids, and, most importantly, warm and friendly hospitality. I don't hesitate to recommend this place for gents, ladies and children alike 🤗

Leighton Gosai

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Thoroughly Recommend

Fantastic salon/barbers. Easy online booking, very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Love the contemporary decor and amazing with kids haircuts. Also plenty to keep the kids occupied whilst waiting - always a bonus! Thoroughly recommended

Julie Sealey

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Really Impressed

This place is amazing - and really needed in Portishead. Fantastic facilities for the kids -arcade games, iPads, chess. And a bar and refreshments for the grown ups And a really lovely atmosphere. We were really impressed. Ellie did the hair for my 12 year old and 6 year old - a really fab job. Prices were really good as well - and there is an offer on for the first few cuts. We shall definitely be making this a regular visit. 🙂

Samantha Roome

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Super Convenient

Tried this today. Easy to book. Super convenient. Great set up and ambience. Very professional, friendly and welcoming. Very happy with my cut. Great service. If you try it you won’t go anywhere else. 👍😁

Richard Riordan

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Cracking Haircut

Cracking haircut from liv a couple of weeks ago. Great cup of coffee as well and chat with the owner. When they say you can have a coffee it really is a proper strong cappuccino made using a real barista machine..😀😀Top work guys.👍

Dave Griffiths

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Very Accommodating

Just been for haircut for myself and my daughter, they were very accommodating for her, providing a booster seat for her to sit on, and a tablet for her to watch some Peppa Pig whilst her hair was being cut. Would highly recommend 👍🏻

Tristan Crickett

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Lovely Atmosphere

Easy to book, lovely atmosphere and layout. Ethan really good with my Sons difficult hair - so attentive and takes time and real care. Will definitely be back again 😊

Sarah Sperring

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Really Lovely Staff

Really love this place. Always scary changing hair dressers. Online booking makes life so much easier. Really lovely staff . Thank you

Jo Andrews

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We'll Be Back

Brilliant experience today getting all 4 kids haircuts (which can be a nightmare 😆) great, comfortable atmosphere with plenty for the kids to do whilst waiting. Lovely staff & complimentary drinks were a bonus 😍 we’ll be back

Susanna Delve

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