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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

Come in and enjoy the chilled ambiance, kick back and enjoy a freshly ground coffee, or a locally sourced beer. We also provide a range of healthy drinks for the kids.


Meet our team

At Bosscut Barbers & Hair Salon, we have created a highly motivated professional team. We hope you will enjoy the ambiance we have tried so hard to create.

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Master Barber


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Stylist / Barber

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Salon Assistant

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Salon Assistant

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At Bosscuts, we are proud to be an independent family business. We understand the importance of giving back, respecting our environment and contributing positively to our community.

Sustainability – The Green Option

Renewable energy

When choosing an energy provider, we picked a supplier that uses 100% renewable energy in order to reduce our carbon footprint.


At Bosscuts, we have set up a recycling programme to minimise the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Digital Magazines

We have made the decision to move our magazines to digital form to reduce the amount of paper waste produced in our salons.

Encouraging Paperless Documentation

As far as possible, our salon and barbershop work paperless. We aim to reduce our printing activity and instead share documents digitally wherever possible including an online booking system and app.

Filtered water

We provide filtered water dispenser in our salon so that clients and our team can always enjoy fresh water. This also encourages our team to use reusable water bottles and to refill them every time they need water.

Community Efforts

Mental wellbeing support group

We run a mental health support group from the shop holding regular meetings for men in the local community who are experiencing struggles in their day to day lives.  Please email muz@bosscut.co.uk for more information.

We want to make sure that people are ready for their next step in life, some are going for job interviews that could change their life completely. Having a fresh cut changes the way people are perceived and it also boosts confidence.

We are also proud to be part of the Government’s Kickstarter programme which helps long term unemployed gain essential employment skills.

Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

At Bosscuts we are all about authenticity – doing whatever makes you feel more “you”. That may mean a trim or a new look, a splash of colour or vibrant vivid hair, the latest edgy cut or an easy to maintain hairstyle. Whatever your desired look, we have you covered.

We are an easy going, friendly and no judgement salon & barbershop that is all about making our clients feel as happy and comfortable as possible to explore their style – whatever that may be.

Our mission is simple, to help our clients be more true to themselves!

Our purpose is to empower people. We want to empower our customers to explore their identity and express this without limitations and to empower our staff to be creative and to pursue their dream career with us.

The best thing, we think, is hair that makes you feel ‘more you’.

We know that to get that from a cut, colour or style, you’ll need to feel totally comfortable to explore what you want collaboratively with one of our talented stylists and barbers.

We openly encourage creativity from stylists and clients alike. We are experts in hair, but we value that you’re the expert of your hair.

Whether that’s a simple trim, a gents fade, an unusual undercut, polished up-do or a dramatic new colour – we work with you to make sure you’ll leave the salon feeling more true to yourself.


For us, there is nothing better than seeing a customer leave our salon & barbershop happy and confident! This is why we are in business!

We love our customers and every single customer experience is important to us. We read all our reviews and feed them all back at our regular team meetings. We often ask our customers for feedback to help us improve their experience.

We have an intense recruitment and training process, which ensures that our staff understand our beliefs and provide the level of service we and our customers expect.


Your hair  journey is important to us. We want you to feel truly amazing – both when you leave our salon and at home.

Our hair stylists and barbers follow a bespoke training program to ensure that they are up to date on the latest hairstyles,  industry trends and techniques.

We use the finest and latest professional products on your hair, face, body and nails to ensure that the results you get are first class and long lasting.
In the salon, our stylists and and barbers will provide you with aftercare advice, but this doesn’t stop when you walk out our doors. Our customers receive a  newsletter filled with the latest tips, news, and salon updates.

We stand behind our service. If you ever feel that the level of service you have received is not as you expected, tell us! We care and we want to know, so we can improve your customer experience and our overall standard.

Part of the inspiration for the barbershop, Tom Chapman describes

how barbers like us are trying to support mental wellbeing

Booking service

Book to avoid queues

Expert team

All our stylists & barbers hold industry certification and awards. We run a continuous training both internal and external to keep our staff current and highly skilled.

Luxury experience

Our environment has been created to provide the best experience possible, ranging from massage chairs to bean to cup coffee or a beer / wine if you would prefer.

Licensed Premises

We have obtained a license to serve a wide variety of locally sourced alcohol

Modern technology

Large flat screen TV, and state of the art sound system, supplements our complementary tablets available for all our customers

Convenient location

Town centre location, providing ample free parking outside the door